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2018 Ulsan Drone Mission Competition

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 2017 Ulsan Drone Festival <Photo The Kyungsang Ilbo>

The 2018 Ulsan Drone Mission Competition will be held on Sep. 9 at the outdoor stage of Teahwa river public park.


Hosted by the Gyeongsang Ilbo (CEO Uhm Joo-ho) and sponsored by the Ulsan Drone Association, the event was organized to promote drone industry and culture to citizens through education and experience using drones.


In particular, it will provide opportunities for all citizens to manipulate and experience drones themselves through drone missions and various programs.


This year's event will be largely divided into a drone mission competition, a drone beginner's education, and exhibitions and experience programs.

The main program, Drone Mission Competition, will be divided into three categories.


The first, the drone obstacle mission, is an event that passes through all obstacles within a three-minute time limit in the Battle cage. Some 20 missions will be carried out, including a course flight, ring pass and take-off and landing, and Among the participants who have passed all obstacles, the shortest time recorded will be selected and awarded. First-come 30 people.


Drone 2:2 Battle Mission, participate in a two-man group. Each team uses a drone with protective gear to fly for three minutes, and the team with more drones remaining in the target area wins. The competition will be held in a tournament format and will be drawn in the field to form a list of matches. Thirty first-come first-served 30 people for obstacle mission, first-come 16 teams for battle mission, it will be pre-received through the website of the Gyeongsang Ilbo.


Anyone can participate in drone simulation events at the venue without any restrictions on participants. After completing drone simulation device, called 'Real Flight', it will select a ranking with lap-time records and award a person who performs mission for shortest time. Besides this, drone mission competitions will display award-winning works of video and photo that were taken with drones.


At the drone beginner pilot's classroom set up at the venue, basic training will be provided to visitors who visit the site. This is an opportunity to learn ABC of drone flight in one place, from drone introduction to simulated flight and take-off and landing practice using actual drones.


In addition, an exhibition experience program will provide a drone industry pavilion, a drone training hall and a drone video center. The drone industry pavilion, where USIS Co., Ltd., SKYSYS Co., Ltd., UNIST and Ulsan University participated, will introduce the drone industry and related equipment to each company and institution.

At the Drone Education Center run by the Ulsan Drone Association, you can see drone licenses and education details, while the drone video center will display screening works of drone imaging contest.

The opening ceremony of the Ulsan Drone Mission Competition will be held at 11 a.m. on Sep. 9, featuring ceremony event, award-winning films for drone contests and drone flying for celebrations.

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