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작성일 19-09-25 09:57




SKYSYS is going to introduce Smart Aerial Monitoring System called 'SKYEYE'. SKYEYE is a mooring device that uses the principle of kite. It can take video and collect atmospheric information in the sky. 


When the wind blows, the altitude rises and the tether line, which incorporates wires and cables, constantly supplies electricity from the ground to the flight vehicle. 


It is possible for long-term imaging and mission performing and it is suitable for use in crowded place and sites where safety needs to be ensured due to low risk of falls or accidents. 


SKYEYE is largely divided into three categories: Flight Vehicle, Winch, and Control Systems. Flight Vehicle is injected with helium gas to increase their buoyancy and to mount a high-performance camera, including a gimbal, on bottom of it. Winch supplies electricity to mission equipment on the flight vehicle, while also having a controller to send and receive images wirelessly, 


It transmits received images to the control system. The control system is configured to allow administrators to view and control real-time images acquired from smart devices anytime, anywhere. 


SKYSYS also introduces Water Sampling and air collecting devices for drones. Those are designed to be mounted on drones for water quality and air quality measurement and to perform water sampling and air collecting. 


SKYSYS CO.,LTD. has provided ICT-based solutions by developing and supplying products that will lead the fourth industry. It introduced technologies and products in various areas, such as Smart aerial monitoring systems, special purpose drones, and drone training to foster future talent. 


Currently, we are conducting a real-time sky monitoring service in Ulsan under cooperation of the Ulsan city and venture companies. In addition, we are implementing channel marketing to promote sales, and we will continue to attract overseas channel marketing to export. 


A SKYSYS official says "By building ICT platform services based on solutions, we will grow into the best company that puts customer satisfaction first." and "In the future, we will focus our capabilities on fully unmanned automation through continuous technology development."