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Ulsan SKYSYS, Commercializes Smart Aerial Monitoring System

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작성일 19-09-25 09:52


SKYSYS (CEO Kim Je-wook, photo), an Ulsan IT Company, has commercialized its smart aerial monitoring system called 'SKYEYE', which can be operated even in case of bad weather. 


"SKYEYE is a special mooring device that uses the principle of a kite-and-airship, and it is a system that is capable of constant aerial monitoring even in various weather conditions such as snow, rain, and strong winds that are difficult to fly drones," CEO Kim Je-wook said. 

SKYEYE has built a winch system that can withstand winds of 22 m/s and supplies electricity up to 300 meters above ground with its optimal shape design to maintain stable altitude. It is able to control images remotely in real time by combining IoT, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and big data technologies with gimbal and high-performance camera that can compensate horizontal and vertical movements when filming is at high altitude. Integrated transmission management can be done with main server and mobile device.



(SKYSYS CO.,Ltd. CEO Kim Je Wook)