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(Ulsan=News 1) Kim Ki-yeol reporter

ULSAN ICT PROMOTION AGENCY announced that 4 tasks, including self-evolving energy management platforms including intelligent demand management, have been selected for the '2018-19 Regional SW regional SW convergence product Commercialization Project', which is organized by the MSIT and implemented by NIPA.

regional SW convergence product Commercialization Project is a research and development support project pushed to generate new added value by applying software technology to the manufacturing industry and it aims to develop and commercialize SW convergence products. 


Ulsan has secured Δindustrial MR technology and developed HMD-based collaborative systems that provide robot smart diagnosis information (auto industry), ΔAI-based odor and harmful gas monitoring SW commercial products (chemical and energy industry) using IoT sensor array, Δself-evolving energy management platform with intelligent demand management (chemical and energy industry), and ΔSmart Aerial Control SW for view angle control of GIS-based realtime remote camera (SMS).

A total of 4.05 billion won in project costs, including 1.76 billion won in state expenses, 1.58 billion won in provincial fees and 700 million won in corporate fees, will be spent on these projects until 2019.


It is estimated that development of HMD-based collaboration system that provides robot smart diagnostic information by securing industrial MR technology will provide competitive edge for Ulsan's automotive industry to occupy leading position in Smart Factory, which will be developed in the future as a technology development task that will provide real-time information and optimized maintenance management of automobile manufacturing robots on headset using MR technology(HMD). 


It is expected that development of artificial intelligence-based odor and harmful gas monitoring SW commercialization products using IoT sensor-array will contribute to improving industrial safety and civic convenience in Ulsan, where petrochemical industrial complexes are concentrated, if it is commercialized as a technology development task to detect, analyze and judge harmful gases or odors exposed to the atmosphere and provide emergency response services. 


Self-evolving energy management platforms, including intelligent demand management, are expected to contribute to energy efficiency in Ulsan, where electricity demand is concentrated, when they are commercialized as a technology development task that uses IoT technology to establish optimized building power management solutions and emergency response systems. 


Smart Air Control SW Development for GIS-based real-time remote camera view angle control is a technology that takes aerial images at high altitude using Helikite, and receives images from the ground, and monitors them in conjunction with GIS. 


If the application of the product is expanded in the future, it is expected that civil safety will improve in various areas, including the monitoring of forest fires, searching for survivors, monitoring of fishery red tide, monitoring of marine waste, and management of construction sites.