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Busan Maritime Police Chief, Lee Myung-joon (left) and Dean of Maritime College, Lee Yoon-chul signed an agreement to establish a ocean surveillance and search & rescue system. Korea Maritime University provided.

Korea Maritime University (President Park Han-il) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Busan Maritime Police Station (chief Lee Myung-joon, left) to establish a maritime surveillance and search rescue system using high-tech unmanned aerial vehicles and high-performance cameras at its policy conference room on the third floor of the university headquarters on 11th Apr. 2018.

The Korea Maritime University will focus its efforts on developing new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles and improving the system of related international conventions and domestic laws. Busan Maritime Police will explore improvements by applying the designed system and equipment.

Korea Maritime University is a participant in 'Internet of Things (IoT)-based marine city management demonstration cluster building project' supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and the Busan Metropolitan Government and it is expected to contribute greatly to strengthening the Coast Guard's safety monitoring system using unmanned aerial vehicles such as drones and helikite.

If using unmanned aerial vehicles are used in Coast Guard operations, they can effectively conduct safety patrols at the port, identify the scope of leaks in the event of maritime pollution accidents, and search for missing people. Even in places where weather condition is poor and vessel access is difficult, quick situational understanding and initial response will be possible

Helikite, which Maritime Police is interested in, can be operated for 24 hours or more by refilling helium gas, and can be used in rain or high winds(within 22m/s). Therefore, applicability of helikite is drawing attention.

"As a leading organization that utilizes excellent technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles in the marine sector, we are pleased to establish a cooperative system with the Busan Maritime Police Office and promote development," said Lee Yoon-chul, dean of the Korea Maritime University's Maritime College. "We will make an active effort to realize a safer sea."


Busan=Kim TaeHyun reporter