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SKYSYS - Smart Aerial Monitoring System

SKYEYE overview

  • SKYEYE, an ultra-light unmanned aerial vehicle (mooring-type), is a smart aerial monitoring system that maximizes the advantages of CCTVs and drones and complements shortcomings. Also, power supply from the ground is stable, making it ideal for long-term missions.

Product Specifications

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Section Item SKYEYE-150 SKYEYE-200
Unit Part
(Flight Vehicle)
Cubic 15 Cubic (15㎥) 20 Cubic (20㎥)
Size 3.45m * 3.45m * 2.2m, Total Length 6.85m 3.85m * 3.85m * 2.45m, Total Length 7.7m
Weight 8kg 9.5kg
Device Automatic Pressure Regulator, Spitlight Automatic Pressure Regulator, Spitlight
Mission equipment Payload 3kg 5kg
Size Optional
[Optical Zoom Camera (18x), Thermal/UV Camera]
[Optical Zoom Camera (36x), Thermal/UV Camera, Communication equipment, environmental collection sensor (climate sensor, etc)]
Electric Winch Size 0.90 x 0.65 x 0.43 (m) 0.90 x 0.65 x 0.43 (m)
Weight 65kg 65kg
Maximum Winding Torque 250kg/f 250kg/f
Maximum Winding Speed 53m/min 53m/min
Size 3.3 x 2.7 x 1.7 (m)
Weight 35kg
Material Stainless

System Configuration

Flight Vehicle and Gimbals
- Helium Balloon including GPS and Pressure retention device
- Gimbal, Camera, Video Transceiver, GIMBAL Controller Mounted (Multiple Mission Equipment Mount)
Winch and Controller
- Control the altitude of aircraft on the ground / Transmit & receive image/flight data and transmit the data to the remote server
- Power supply to the aircraft
Control System
- Check and store full-HD real time images
- Check the images through the Smart Device
- Remotely Control helium balloon altitude and camera in real time

Principle of operation and technology

  • The SKYEYE is a flight vehicle that uses the principle of kite to maintain a more stable and high altitude when the wind is strong.
  • You can control the view angle of the camera through the GIS-based view angle control technology. And you can control the camera and gimbal remotely from the ground and use the zoom function to identify specific objects on the ground.
Flight Vehicle Technology
- Optimal Shape Design for Stable Altitude
- UV Coating material, High Material abrasion resistance and high corrosion resistance
- Combined Aeronautical Engineering Application (New Patent in Progress)
Winch Technology
- Integrate wires and cables that supply electricity to the aircraft → Constant Power Supply Available
- Automate GeoFence-based Winch Operation for safety
GIS-based View Angle Control
- Moving and fixing the camera view angle with GPS specific coordinates
-Multi Point Photography and Optical Zoom Function
Control System
- Full-HD real time imaging and recording
- Check the images through the Smart Device
- Real time display Flight Vehicle location, direction, altitude

Comparative analysis 01

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Section SKYEYE Drone(multi-rotor) CCTV
Operating time

Constant Operation (periodic replenishment of helium (10days))

Within 30min

365 days of regular operation

Operating height

~500m (Optimized height in actual operation : 150~300m)

~150m (Restrictino of flight height due to legal regulations)

1m ~ 15m (Requires separate structure)

Dangerous Level

- Use of helium gas that is harmless to the human body
- No casualties / property damage

Very high
- Property/Casualties Damage is severe
- Secondary damage, such as a fire caused by a battery explosion



- Operation after moving through a vehicle or vessel



Operating Condition

Available in rainy weatherAvailable even in high winds (within 22m/s)

Unable to use in rainy weatherUnable to use eind dpeed of 10m/s or more

Available in rainy weatherAvailable even in high winds

Operating / Maintenance cost

Low Cost
- It can be used for a long time by refilling helium gas
- Anyone can easily operate through simple training

High cost
- Replace frequently used items such as motor/battery
- Operation by super-light unmanned aerial vehicle pilot

Moderate cost
- High initial installation cost

Comparative analysis 02

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Section SKYEYE Skyship
Operating Time

365 days of operation(periodic replenishment of helium (7 days)

Up to 6 hours (battery limit, flying time constraints)

Environmental Impact in Operation

Available in rainy weather, the maximum wind speed, 22m/s

Unavailable in rainy weather and over wind speed 10m/s Vulnerable to rain and wind due to wide flight vehicle operations Possible to lose control of flight vehicle and lose it during strong winds

Flying Method

Helium gas buoyancy + Using the principle of kiteNo separate propellant

Helium gas buoyancy + propeller propellant


Mooring type, limited mobility

Securing mobility using propellant

Operational personnel and features

1 to 2 days of training for reliable operation

Required flight control qualification Difficulty in securing space and maintenance according to the flight vehicle size Increase Management Operating Costs with Number of Operating Days

Application site

  • - Management of progress at construction sites
  • - Unmanned book management
  • - Forest Fire Monitoring
  • - Monitoring illegal fishing boats
  • - Communication relay in the mountain islands area
  • - Ship monitoring (emissions, going off course, etc.)
  • - Real-time monitoring of disaster sites
  • - Searching for ship accidents and survivors
  • - Safety Monitoring of festival sites
  • - Near coast red tide monitoring
  • - Port mooring ship Management
  • - Border Area Surveillance Management
  • - Beach Safety Management


  • · Ocean Surveillance
  • - Busan Coast Guard Marine Patrol, Maritime Ministry illegal fishing monitoring, etc
  • · Forest, forest fire Monitoring
  • - Monitoring of forest fires at Bongryesan Mountain, and monitoring hiking trails at Wolaksan Mountain, etc
  • · Festival, event management
  • - Seongsan Ilchulbong Sunrise Festival, Ulsan Soeburi Festival, etc.
  • · Construction site, shipyard yard management
  • - Onsite management of Samsung's semiconductor plant, etc.