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Future Exposition Poster

The Ulsan Metropolitan City said that it will hold a "Future Exposition" at Ulsan Dongcheon Gymnasium in the fourth industrial revolution from Aug. 31 to Sep. 2, which will give a glimpse into the life changes of future cities and citizens.


At the fair, visitors can see a variety of technological changes such as 3D printing technology, virtual reality (VR) where people can experience real life in a computer-generated virtual world, augmented reality (AR) that shows to overlap virtual objects in the real world that users see with their eyes, Iot, future cars, and future ships.


Expo also presents "Smart Glass," which looks like a simple building exterior glass on the outside, but when it works, the transparent glass itself shows a variety of images that are as colorful as TV. Exhibitions and experience events on "Hologram," which is widely seen as a next-generation technology to replace hard flat windows (display) that are used for computers, TVs and mobile phones, will also be held.

Experts such as explorer Moon Kyung-soo, dinosaur scientist Park Jin-young and SF Archive CEO Park Sang-joon will also hold lectures on natural, paleontological and future science fiction fields. At the exhibition site, a "Children's Science Classroom" will also be prepared to teach various science principles easily.


"We hope the fair will serve as an opportunity for citizens to experience and prepare for various changes that will unfold in the future world in advance", said an official at the Ulsan city.