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작성일 19-09-25 10:03



Opened Ulsan Testing Center <Photo The Ulsan Maeil >

The ULSAN ICT PROMOTION AGENCY (CEO Jang Kwang-soo) announced that it started full-scale work with a board ceremony called "Telecommunications Technology Association, Yeongnam Software Test Center, Ulsan Testing Center" on the eighth floor of the Ulsan Venture Building. 


About 30 officials, including Jeon Kyung-sul, director of the Creative Economy Division in Ulsan City, Park Jae-moon, president of the Telecommunications Technology Association, and Jang Kwang-soo, president of the ULSAN ICT PROMOTION AGENCY, attended the opening ceremony. 


Ulsan Testing Center can obtain ICT/SW quality certificates and test reports through SW quality tests and verification by utilizing equipment built as ICT convergence Industry4.0S (shipbuilding and marine industry) foundation construction work. 

Until now, Ulsan companies had to use other regional certificate authority to test SW quality. 

The opening of the Ulsan test center is expected to serve as an opportunity to expand corporate competitiveness by increasing the quality reliability of local ICT/SW companies' products and play an important role in leading the development of the shipbuilding and marine industries," said Jang Kwang-soo, head of the ULSAN ICT PROMOTION AGENCY.